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What is the West Vallery College eCenter?

The West Valley College Entrepreneurial Center (wvc-ecenter) provides Students, emerging Business Professionals and Educators the opportunity to get hands-on training, coaching and resources in a variety of real life situations utilizing experts and consultants from Silicon Valley.

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West Valley College’s Entrepreneurship Center can be instrumental in teaching today’s High School & WV College students how to best pursue their future careers.

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Teachers & Educators

West Valley College is always on the lookout for dedicated professionals who want to impart their knowledge onto other students and entrepreneurs.

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Entrepreneurship at a Glance

Entrepreneurship is the act and art of being an entrepreneur or one who undertakes innovations or introducing new things, and utilizes finance and business acumen in an effort to transform innovations into economic goods that make a profit. The most obvious example of entrepreneurship is the starting of new businesses.
Businesses are being created every day both locally and globally. Gone are the days of only interacting on a local level and in are the days of global entrepreneurship, global communications and global commerce. To stay competitive, business entrepreneurs have a great need to source raw material, personal, knowledge and expertise wherever they can find it. They need to search for and find talent no matter how far it is as it is no longer far by any standards. With the Internet, and global telecommunication vehicles such as the VOIP and Skype, no talent is too far or too difficult to outsource to or source in. The globe has now become local…
Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?  Are you a creative individual who has always wanted to connect your passions and talents with what you do for a living? Do you envision yourself as your own boss, making your own decisions, setting your own schedule, and being responsible for your business’ profits and losses? Do you want to create a “lifestyle business” that lets you do what you love: create, design, and grow, while also giving you time to enjoy all aspects of your life?  If you answered “yes” to these questions become part of our entrepreneurship program, and achieve your goals!

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